Object Permanence

Thinking about planting my tulip bulbs today.

Thinking about Kason helping me.
Thinking that Kason is still in the season of “object permanence”.
We often play “hide the blankey” or some other object.
Daddy and Mommy go to “at work” and return.
MeMe comes and goes.
Paw is usually at  Paw’s home.
YaYa, who is very real comes and goes.
Kason knows and trusts this.
But he likes to “discover” what is hidden.
He wants to SEE it and TOUCH it.
But Kason never doubts that Daddy and Mommy WILL still exist.  “Blankey” will always show up. Kason is a very secure little boy.
I am thinking more likely than not if I let Kason help me plant those bulbs, he will want the game to be “dig them back up”.
We shall see, depending on the weather.
How like that are we with our Abba?
We “know” he is Emmanuel, God With Us.
But sometimes we can’t see Him.
Then we may get all discouraged.
Or we may frantically begin “looking” for Him in the last place we “saw” him.
What if we could choose, as His Beloved sons or daughters, to simply TRUST that He really is Emmanuel, God with us even when our “object permanence” is skewed and we can’t “see” Him?
What if we simply leaned on HIM during every moment especially those difficult ones?
Just thinking this morning as I get ready to go “be” with Kason.

emmanuel jan1


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