A Place to Rest

A Place to Rest

We say… we cry out,
“Lord I am so weary, so tired,
I simply can’t do this anymore.”

There is great truth in that.
We really can’t,
He never intended us to.

He replies, “Come to Me
All you who are weary
And heavy laden
I will give you REST”

Our heart screams out,
I can’t I don’t know how!!!”

He understands our inability.
He knew we would not and could not.
He came to prepare the way.
He is The Way.

This Rest is SHALOM.
It is PEACE.

He said,
“In repentance and rest is your salvation,
in quietness and trust is your strength,
but you would have none of it.”

His heart draws us, ever so tenderly,
Again and again,
Moment by moment,
Into His pure, holy, gentle embrace
Of Pure Love.
He quiets us with His love.

As we learn to trust, to lean and to rely on Him.
Our heart begins to “know”,
In a way words cannot express,
That maybe, just maybe it is true
We ARE His Beloved One.

Scripture References:
Isa 30:15
Matthew 11:28
John 14:6
Zep 3:17


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