El Roi

El Roi

To the One who is feeling:
You are not alone.

He sees you, knows where you are.

His angels have charge over you.

Like you can’t go on,
He will meet you where you are.

He will lift you up.

He was aquainted with sorrow, He understands

He wept.

Whatever YOU feel,
Whatever YOU are going through,
He is El Roi, God who sees, knows and cares.
And He is Emmanuel, God with us.

God bless you and touch you in a special way this day.
Interestingly, from what I understand, this name of God El Roi, is only found once in the entire bible. Hagar spoke it in Gen 16:13. Isn’t it neat that it was woman, who felt forsaken and alone and without hope who recognized God as El Roi, God who sees me, and found COMFORT and HOPE in a truly hopeless situation.


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