From The Heart of Abba:
I say to you as I did to Martha:

I know you are anxious and overwhelmed by many things.
There ARE overwhelming things.

I do not condemn you for being overwhelmed.
No need to run or hide or deny you’re overwhelmed.

When you ARE overwhelmed,
Pause and come to Me.

Give yourself a time out.
Time out is NOT withdrawal or isolation.
Time out is time to step outside of your circumstances and LEAN on Me.

Do not worry about what tomorrow will bring.
I am already in tomorrow.

Do not worry about what other people will think.
I am your only “judge” and I understand.

You cannot be all things to all men.
Each one must learn to turn to Me.

I AM all things to ALL men
You are not.

When you have done all you can do in any given day,
Rest secure in knowing.
I am with you.

There are many mundane things that can be overwhelming.
Whose notion of perfection are you following?
Where does pride enter in?
Ask for wisdom.

Times or moments of being overwhelmed are a common condition to all my children.
That is why I said, “when” your heart is overwhelmed, come to ME.

Allow yourself to admit the need for comfort and help.


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