Look Beyond the Clouds

Look Beyond the Clouds

Sometimes life has such hard/difficult things. Sometimes we can tend to focus on the difficult thing and allow that to become our focal point. Our true focal point is God.

I was talking to a sweet sister today and sharing a word I will share at the end and she said, “sometimes one thing can try to take away the other good things by clouding our day”. Isn’t that so TRUE?

Just as these dark clouds almost hide the sun, so also do difficult moments of our days. We can get so focused on those “clouds” that we miss the beauty of the SON. Or all the lovely gifts He sends our way even on the worse days.

In taking sunset pictures, they can be really boring if there are no clouds. I wonder…. if we never had a difficult moment or season, would we get “bored”? Don’t we sometimes forget during the really easy times to focus on the Son?

From the Heart of Abba Today:

When things are hard,

Even unbearably hard,

When it is MORE than you can bear,

And you admit that to Me,

Then you find that while the pain, the sorrow, the longing is still there,

Life can still be beautiful.

This is a GOOD day to BE in tune with Me

I am WITH you,

Loving you,

Caring for you.


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