Remember To Rest

Remember To Rest

Whether you are “in ministry” or simply walking through “life”, there is something to remember.
We are to be YOKED with Jesus.
When we are yoked with Him, our burden is light.

Matthew 11 says: 28″Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. 29″Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. 30″For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Think of an ox. When it is time for it to carry a load, the owner brings it forward and settles it into the yoke. The ox can struggle or submit, can’t it?
Best to submit.
Then the ox, who has been yoked with the PERFECT match must bear or pull the load.

However, no good owner leaves his ox yoked or working forever. When the task is completed or completed for that time, the ox is unyoked, fed and has a time of rest.

We are called to trust, lean and rely on God.
We are to LEAN on Him.
He is our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer as well as our Defense.
He sends us forth to walk for a time with another, to carry one another’s burdens.

Gal 6:2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

But he invites us to do so yoked with Him. In ALL we do, whether it is ministry or “life”, we are to be lead by and yoked with Christ.

Talking with some precious sisters in Christ yesterday I realized. That we both “minister” and live life, yoked with Christ for the task. But it is equally important to remember that we are to “unyoke” from “work” and rest.

Interestingly even at REST we are WITH CHRIST.
Don’t you pure love how he is so omnipresent?
Don’t you LOVE how he issues that precious invitation in Psalm 61:2 From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Let’s remember both to be yoked for whatever task is at hand and to “unyoke” and Rest. But to be “with” God in both situations.
His name IS Emmanuel, God With Us.
Let’s remember and strive (or is it rest) in order to “be” with Him.

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