Worship the LORD

Worship the LORD


You worship Me,
When you ascribe to Me
The glory due My name.

Remember the sea?
The power that it has,
To transform land,
To destroy but also
To build up.

Remember the beauty of the waves,
The sound of the surf,
The unceasing yet ever changing
Beauty of the waves
As they pound or lap upon the shore.

I created the oceans.
I set them into place.
I created all water,
Salt and fresh,
And set the waters into place.

That is a picture of my power,
My might,
My intricate minute attention to detail,
In only a portion of My Creation.

I am attune to,
As well as in control of,
Every detail of your life a well.

I bring order from chaos,
Joy from sorrow,
Peace from turmoil.

As you choose to turn aside from all distractions
To spend time doing as I say,
And ascribing to Me all glory
Honor, and power in worship
The cares of the world will fade away.

Come before Me often.
Remember the sea when you need a change of focus.
I am God with you,
As surely as the tides rise and fall,
I will ALWAYS be with you.

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