“Be” and “Do”

We were at Mayport recently and all these pelicans were on this beach.
They were not worried about impressing one another.
They were simply being pelicans and doing what pelicans do.
Some were sitting on pilings up high, some were flying, some were floating in the water.
They were watching and waiting for food.
Every now and then one would fly up, dive down and return with a full beak pouch.
Then it had to work the fish down its much smaller neck. Fun to watch.
The pelicans were persistent in getting the fish down.
At first my grandson, Reece and I thought one pelican who had a huge fish in its pouch had gotten into some trash and was going to die. But later we realized it was just having to work to get that big fish down.
This morning I realize we can take a lesson from God’s creation and simply
“be” who God created us to be. We can simply “do” what God sets before us to do. At times that will be resting, like a pelican floating on the water or sitting on a piling. At other times we may have to struggle and use some effort to “do” what God has placed before us in that moment.
But at rest, or at work, GOD is still EMMANUEL, God With Us. He is taking care of us and we trust Him with all that concerns us. We do not need to worry or fear. God, who is GOOD, only asks us to “be” who we are and to learn to live from our true identity as sons and daughters of the King of Kings.


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