Hand of God Upon Us Always

Hand of God Upon Us Always

From the Heart of Abba Today:
I am your Rock,
Your Firm Foundation.
I am your Shield,
Your Hiding Place.

When the storms of life assail you,
Remain in Me.
Remain in My Love.
Then no matter WHAT,
You will only become more lovely,
Than before.

Precious One,
Life is often difficult.
I am ALWAYS with you.
These rock formations are amazing. Carved over centuries. From adversity. Beautiful. Husband took this photo once when we were out west. Life is often difficult or has difficult moments or seasons. These rocks did too….and LOOK what beauty emerged! Look how balanced they are, held in place by an unseen hand. Are we not also promised to be held in place, by an unseen hand? God who has promised never to leave us or forsake us? Emmanuel, God always With Us.

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