Where is God? Everywhere.

Where is God? Everywhere.

From the Heart of Abba Today:
Look for Me.
Listen for My voice.
Look for the works of My hand.

I hold you in the palm of My hand.
All the days of your life are held in My Love,
As you go about your days,
Look about you,
Ask to be aware of My Hand.

You will see it in creation,
The flowers,
The fauna,
The faces of children and older people,
The water of the sea,
Or the still waters of a pond.

You will feel it in the cool shade,
The warm sun,
The gentle breezes,
And the strong winds.

You will hear My voice,
In the Word,
In music,
In human sounds,
But also in that Still Small Voice.

As you go about your days,
Be aware of My Presence with you.
I am Emmanuel, God With You.
Be attuned to My Manifest Presence today and every day.
I love you.
You are dearly precious to Me.


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