Who is GOD?

Who is GOD?

He is our Abba Father, who loves us.
His heart desire is to BLESS us because He loves us.
He COMFORTS us when we need COMFORT and He CONVICTS us when we need conviction.
He DELIGHTS in us. He is our DEFENDER.
He EXHALTS over us with singing. He is EMMANUEL, GOD with us.
He calls us His FRIEND. He is FATHER to the fatherless. He is FAITHFUL and true.
He is GOOD all the time, full of GRACE toward us And GRACIOUS.
He sends us THE HELPER and He HEALS our dis-ease be it emotional or physical.
He is purely INCREDIBLE and totally INDESCRIBABLE.
He is our JUST JUDGE.
His KINDNESS knows no end.
He is the KING of KINGS.
He is LORD and He is LOVE.
His MERCY never ends. He is MIGHTY in battle and He battles for us.
He is NEAR to the brokenhearted.
His POWER knows no limit. His name is also PEACE. He is PURE.
He QUIETS us with His love.
We are invited to enter his REST and be RESTORED, because he is our REST and RESTORER.
He is the SUPREME being and gives us SUPERABUNDANTLY beyond what we can ask or imagine.
He is UNITY personified and VICTORY is in His Hands.
He is WORTHY of all our praise. His love is WITHOUT bounds.
In fact it is X-treme.
He invites, yes invites us, to YIELD to His purpose for our lives.
And he is A to Z everything in between.
He is ALL we NEED!
He HAS all we need!
He will meet our EVERY Need.
This is a list I pulled up off the top of my head, yours might be different and it might be a fun exercise to do some time. Ask yourself, “Who is GOD? What does His Word say about Him?”

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