Behold the Lamb of God

Behold the Lamb of God

Palm Sunday Reflection 2014

Behold the Lamb of God
Who taketh away the sin
of the world.

John “saw” Jesus as he really was.

When Jesus came into Jerusalem on Lamb Selection Day, there was a celebration among the believers.
But what were they celebrating?
Did they “see” clearly or did they “see” through their own desire and perception?
Was it Truth or distortion?
True hope or false hope?

They wanted, needed and hoped for a conquering king to defeat the Romans. That was their perceived need. But what Jesus actually came to do was what John said. He came as the LAMB of God to lay down his life so that we might LIVE and have abundant life IN HIM.
Not at all what they thought they needed. But EXACTLY what they and we all truly needed.

I wonder, where do I, where do we, have expectations that are not met the way we wish they were?
Do we know that we know that we know that GOD is totally with us, completely on our side, doing EXACTLY what we most need in every given circumstance?

Today let’s remember The LAMB of GOD has come! He is EMMANUEL, God WITH us all the time. No matter WHAT we are safe in HIS LOVE.

You are MINE.
You belong to Me.
I am always WTH you.

I see your struggles.
I am with you.

I see your hopes and secret heart desires.
I AM with you.

I see something you cannot see, your future.
I am WITH you .

Do not fear the struggles, the hard moments, or the scary times.
I am with YOU.

Beloved, NOTHING,
No situation,
No person,
No outcome,
Good of bad,
Can separate you from my love.

I AM my LOVE and
Right this moment,
Every past moment,
Every future moment,
All the way into eternity.


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