Travel Light

rejoiceFrom the HEART of ABBA Today
Travel Light

This is a day to choose to travel light.
Light hearted.

There is NO NEED to carry any heavy burden in your heart.
Any hidden or old ones can be released to Me.
That is forgiveness.

Bitterness is the heaviest burden My children can carry.
It ruins days and nights and lives.
Bitterness robs your heart of joy and peace and hope.
As soon as you see even a tinge of it,
Pack it up, wrap it in forgiveness and send it to Me.

The other burdens that try to slip in during the day or night,
Disguised as worry, fear, or any other negative emotion,
Simply pass them over to Me.
In the exact moment of recognition,
Choose to literally hand them off.
Much like the children’s game of “Hot Potato”.

I am walking with you today,
And every day.
You NEVER walk alone.

As we walk,
Choose to converse (with Me)
Reverse any hidden thing,
Release immediately all new baggage,

This how you REJOICE in THIS DAY which I have GIVEN you.

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