Thoughts From the Marsh

Thoughts From the Marsh

The Marsh is a beautiful place.
Home for many creatures.

It is a wild untamed place which brings JOY to our hearts.

The Marsh teems with life, abundant life.

Seasons come and go, the tide ebbs and flows.
It is an ever-changing landscape.

There are places within the Marsh that appear solid but are really miry muck.

People who live on or beside the Marsh need a way to navigate.
Sometimes they build docks or boardwalks or use boats or other machines.

Isn’t life like that?
Circumstances of our lives will ebb and flow.
Seasons will come and go.
There is one unchanging surety and that is the LOVE of GOD.
When we are “in Christ”, we have access to a secure and solid “path” of life.

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