Enter the Rest and Peace of GOD

peace and restDriving to babysit, very early this morning, the sun was just coming up.
There were numerous dark clouds and the morning mist was still rising. On the horizon in the east was this lovely patch of blue sky surrounded by white clouds which were being illuminated by the rising sun.
I looked up and though to myself, “That is so pretty. That bit of blue is lovely.” I was considering pulling over to get a picture of it when the mist began to rise and dark clouds covered all the pretty blue and the sun illuminated clouds. But I had SEEN them and I knew that as morning continued to dawn, the mist would evaporate and sure enough it did during the drive.
Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could remember that even when our day is either habitually or suddenly shrouded in “dark clouds” that the Sun aka SON is still there? The sky will be blue again just a bit down the road called life. And even if we can’t see it with our physical eyes, there are blue skies and the clouds will be both illuminated and dispersed in the course of time.
We can choose to REST and be in Peace.
In the photo below, which I find very restful to look at, we can see a break in the dunes. If we were laying on our belly and did not lift our heads, all we could see would be dark dunes hiding the lovely sea just beyond. But there is a PATH, a break in the dunes. So anyone who chooses to can walk down to the beach. God always provides “breaks” and respite times during every season of life. We can enter His presence in worship and as we do, we will also enter that blessed rest and peace that he provides for us.

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