Emmanuel God Who Is With us but also God who takes care of us

god with us

From The Heart of Abba:
You truly do not know what any given day will bring,
You do know Who does know.

I know every single day of your life.
But not as a voyeur,
As a loving father.

I know what brings you pleasure.
I know what draws your heart to Mine.

I engineer the moments of your days,
In order to woo you to look to Me.

In EVERY circumstance of life,
I AM Emmanuel,
God With You.
But I am also God On Your Side,
God beside you.

God who is FOR you,
Rooting for you,
Providing for you,
In every moment of every circumstance of you life.

This is an interesting picture with a story behind it. I was at River Garden waiting for Don in rehab. I enjoy sitting by the water listening to worship music and just simply “being” and enjoying the beauty of the water and the trees etc.
My eyes were drawn to this BLUE reflection in the water. Often it seems like God is loving me, showing me His love and caring by drawing my attention to something that is just a tad out of the norm. Or out of the norm for me.
This blue was a reflection of the blue sky on an otherwise overcast day.
It could only be seen from where I was sitting. It could only be seen because of a tiny break in the tree canopy in just that spot. I knew I wanted to capture it with my camera, which normally I do not even take down there.
Today as I was writing and looking for a picture, I saw this one and realized it is perfect for the “writing” of the day.
Neat, isn’t it?

One thought on “Emmanuel God Who Is With us but also God who takes care of us

  1. So needed this, that God is with me… And takes care for me… Becuse things went crazy… And I need to invite God to come in and take over…

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