Be Still Again

psalm 31-3

From The Heart of Abba Today:

Beloved, I love you.
I see what you are going through.
I know your heart,
And its struggles.
I know the hopes that have been laid aside.
Yes, laid aside because a hope is not abandoned.

Lay the dreams and hopes,
The “what ifs”,
As well as the “I wishes”,
At My feet.

Allow Me to hold them for you.
Then arise and go about your day,
Alert for My Presence,
As Refuge,
As travel agent (ordering your day),
And Comfort.

Sometimes during a day,
Or a season,
I will take one of those dreams, hopes, “what ifs” or “I wishes”,
And give them to you.

But remember, the package may be very different.
The dream, the hope, or even the wish,
Will have been transformed,
By Me.

And Beloved,
If I give you a “what if”,
You will find that truly,
I am ALL you need,
To deal with that as well.

No need to worry, fret, or strive.

Simply REST in Me.



One thought on “Be Still Again

  1. In winter, if people were birds or other creatures, I wonder how much effort and energy would be spent in “what if” land. I I was a bird and woke up and saw snow covering everything, I might perch on a rock and start, “Oh no, where did this come from? Does God love me? Why is this happening. What will I eat? I am cold. What if those big animals forget to give me my seeds?” I am sure you get the idea. And trust me, I do that very well. UNTIL I remember that GOD is my ROCK, my FORTRESS and my DEFENDER and EMMANUEL. Then I can choose to rest all that worry on His very capable shoulders and get up and embrace the day, knowing He is already in it waiting for me.

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