Locked or Unlocked

living Water lock

Locked or Unlocked?

In church today we were singing, Loves Comes Down by Michael Farren.
It begins with:
I brought You all my foolish crowns
With trembling hands
I laid them down
Expecting wrath to be poured out
But You placed mercy on my brow.

The next verse says:
Still my best is nothing less
Than filthy rags and emptiness
One drop of blood raised me from death
And You see me through Your righteousness

As we sang the last line of the refrain, “All my praise goes up as Your love comes down”, I began to understand, to see and then sort of “hear”.

Our praise opens our heart to receive His love, much as opening the gates in a lock allow the water level to rise.

In a lock, such as the Panama Canal or any other lock on a waterway, there are gates.
In order for the level of the water to rise, the gate must be open.

The water is THERE, but until the gate is opened, it cannot come in.
When the gate is opened and the water does come in the level of water in the lock is increased.
Often, this process is repeated many times before the destination is reached.
Conversely, if the water level needs to fall, the gate is CLOSED and the water is pumped out.
Isn’t that an interesting picture of praise and God’s Love?

The Word says, “We enter His gates with thanksgiving and come into His courts with praise”. (Psalm 100:4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name).

Praise UNLOCKS our heart. In order to praise, we must open our heart and as we do so, Living Water flows forth to touch, to heal, to comfort, to restore or whatever is needed.
His Love is Living Water.

The locks allow water to enter the chambers,
Just as your praise allows you to receive My love.

My love is always flowing to you
But your capacity to receive varies.

Praise Me with your hands held open,
To release that which you have long clung to,
And in order to receive My outpoured love.

The picture here was open hands…uplifted or quietly at our side open, holding onto nothing. ready to receive a deeper measure of His love for us.

Here is another interesting part to this time of worship. For me the memory of the locks, which I have been through in a boat was so like the picture of unlocking my heart to invite the Presence of God in some deep places was vivid. I have seen the gates in locks open and receive water as well as close in order to have water pumped out.

I felt in a tangible way the presence of God.
After church the lady next to me asked me if at the start of the service I felt anything. She wanted to know because she too had felt the presence of the Lord.


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