A Trilogy on Bringing Ourselves and “IT”…Whatever “IT” is to HIM

I am

From The Heart of Abba:
A Trilogy on Bringing Ourselves and “IT”…Whatever “IT” is to HIM

Part I

When you are exhausted,
Especially when you are soul or heart weary,
As opposed to physically weary,
That is an invitation,
To stop and simply “be”,
With Me.

No agenda,
Not to study,
Just an invitation to simply come,
And Rest.
Pause and
Remember You ARE Mine.

Part II
When you enter a place,
I also enter that place,
For I AM is with You.

There is no place you go,
No season you endure,
You are never alone.

All the days of your life,
“I AM” has been WITH you.

When life on earth is over,
“I AM” will still be with you.

There are times when you are
Aware of My Presence.
There are other times,
When you are,
Unaware that “I AM” is
With you.

In both sorts of times,
“I AM” never changes.

When you feel alone, lonely,
Or any other heart-longing emotion,
Remember “I AM” is there.

In fact, Beloved,
Those emotions are an invitation,
To simply pause,
Quiet your heart,
Your mind,
Your body,
And intentionally “look” for Me.

When you do so,
You will find that “I AM,
Emmanuel is there.

Part III
It is in the stillness that I come.
In the quietness, I come.

The world around you needs not be literally still,
But your heart becomes still.
Your body becomes still.

My spirit rises from within as well as from without.
Your heart suddenly knows that “I Am” is here/ there with you.

No need to speak although you may.

Simply enter a time of restful respite.

As you sit and just allow,
My love to touch and penetrate those famine places.
Living Water will flow,
To wash to cleanse to restore,
To bless and to draw your heart into My embrace.

Many times you have been here but it is not the (literal/tangible) place.
It is the lingering memories,
Where your heart remembers other times and places.
When “I AM” was present with you.

Peace shalom of and from your Abba to and for you…


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