The Truth About The Path


Truth of the Path

I love this path at Mandarin Park. The river is just to the left, you can see it when you are on the path. There is a lovely green grassy field just to the right. Sometimes you can see it while walking here, and even if you cannot see it, you know it is there.

This path is negotiable. It has a lot of dips, and curves and things that can easily trip you if you are not paying attention, but it is lovely. There are even resting places if you get weary. Natural resting places like that huge root and those stumps.

If you are older like I am, or younger like Kason is, you need to be very aware of the roots and stumps, even the smallest ones and watch where you step. If you are a teen, like Reece, it is much easier to navigate.

Life is like this path I think. There is beauty surrounding our hearts, even on a rough path. Often the path itself is pretty even thought it may be difficult to travel. While you are on it, you will see beauty to the left and to the right, you may or may not see the end of the path. You may not be able to see what is just around the next curve and you may have to be alert (especially during certain seasons) to the snares that could trip you up.

Life is more GOOD than BAD if we keep our eyes open. Even if life is difficult at times.

Remember Mary? She was scared when that angel came. She did not understand. Her entire world was shifting in a seemingly not-so-good way. Her response, “Be it unto me according to your will.”
Remember Jesus in the garden before the crucifixion? He asked three times for this “cup” to be taken from Him. Then added, “Not my will but yours be done.” And went willingly to a cruel death on the cross. For you and for me.

I wonder if we could see those difficult things in life, even those scary things differently if we could access the level of trust to say no matter what, “Be it unto me according to your will.”
Not just to say it, but to accept it?

What if, instead of struggling, we could simply “be” however we are, “feel” however we feel and TRUST GOD with ALL that we are. Choosing to entrust to Him all that concerns us. Truly choosing to REST in and on His LOVE for us, His PRESENCE WITH us, and His CARE for and of us? How different would we become? The circumstances might not change but we would be changed.

I wonder……

Consider the Truth of the Path.

If you live here, go take a walk along this path in Mandarin Park and invite the Love of God, our Emmanuel to enfold and guide you into whatever truth He may have for your heart.
(This is right along the river. Begin at that bench along the side of the river and head toward the dock.)

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