But God….

but God


I think one of my new favorite phrases is… “BUT GOD….”

Some days are difficult… but God….

Some situations are beyond hard…but God….

Sometimes we may feel alone or abandoned or like we can’t carry on another second…but God….

Our feelings may get hurt…. but GOD…..
We may feel so trapped in our hurts habits or hang-ups…but GOD…

God is bigger.
Bigger than any and every circumstance of life.
God is love. His love is always there for us, with us and directed to us.
There is no circumstance of our lives, past-present-future which has been outside of His presence with us.

So when things are overwhelming,
When your kids are screaming,
Traffic is stalled and you are late,
Whatever the world is screaming in your face,

Remember…this little phrase and finish it with a Bible truth…

“But God….”.

Friday, as I was driving to the YMCA to meet with a physical therapist, my heart was drawn to the pretty flowers in this mini poster.
There was a butterfly, well really several fluttering around them.
Those flower colors are especially lovely and whoever designed that area has a nice eye for color and height.
I am always drawn to those particular places along that medium.

But this day my heart was heavy and I felt overburdened.

BUT GOD….sent a butterfly.

And there was no traffic at all so GOD also arranged that and let me have time to shoot this photo through my car window.

See? I was stressed… BUT GOD knew it and since He knows me and my heart, He also knew JUST what little gift to send my way in that very moment.

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