Run to Jesus

psalm 31-1

An Invitation and Direction From the Heart of Abba

Run to Me.
Do not run FROM Me.

As you run,
Some things will simply bounce off.
You will not even notice they are gone.
But they will be gone forever.

After you have run to Me,
You may be very tired,
Because it is likely,
That until you were ALREADY,
Exhausted and drained,
You did not remember,
Where to run…to Me.

So simply rest a bit.
Catch your breath.
When someone is out of breath,
All they CAN think about is,
Getting that next breath.

Once you have rested long enough,
And I will let you know when that is,
Begin to hand Me those heavy burdens,
Be they thoughts, deeds, or actions,
Over to Me.

Some of them,
I will simply take.
They will just disappear,
In the act of handing them over.
Later you may wonder where they went.

Others, I will set aside.
Then together we will examine them.
All the while you will be at rest.
Peace and HOPE will be being restored.
You may not have even realized that hope,
Had dissipated but I knew,
Hope always is restored,
When My children REST in/with/on Me.

Beloved, over time,
This will become an automatic
Default result of any trauma or stressful circumstances.
At first, it may take intentionality.
It is normal for you to desire to run.
It can become NORMAL to run to ME.

I am always waiting for you,
Always aware of you,
Always ready to provide,
Exactly what you need.
So RUN to ME.


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