A Heart at Peace

peace in knowing

 A mended heart, or really a heart which is BEiNG mended by the LOVE of God, is a very tender heart.

 Today in my quiet time, the LORD was speaking to me of His unchanging LOVE and so I made a “reminder”. 
We are loved and beloved in The Beloved.
When we “remember” that, then all else fades away and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we ARE SAFE to “be”.
From the Heart of Abba today:

Beloved, I am the LORD who heals your heart.

The ONE who goes before you.

The ONE who is with you, LOVING you.

Performance has nothing to do with being loved.

Performance is what a person does for an audience.

Being loved by Me is a position and becomes, as you receive it, a state of being as well.

You ARE loved.

You step into being loved as your part of who you are.

My love is unchanging and does not depend on your actions at all.

You simply ARE loved.

Live life from the position of BELOVED and much that hurts your heart and wounds your soul will simply flow over you without penetrating to your heart or affecting your behavior because you will KNOW that no matter WHAT you ARE loved.

Beloved, you are held both tenderly and securely in My Love for you.

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