Be Still

be still

From The Heart of Abba Today:

To “do” or to “be”,
That is the question.

When faced with a choice,
To “do” or to “be”,
What will you choose?

Will you “be” with Me, first,
Before you go and “do”?

Will you “be” who I created you to “be”?

Or will you choose to do,
Anything, everything “they” set before you?

Come, My child, and simply,
Be with ME,
Before you go and do.

You are after all a human being,
Not a human doing.

Be still to know…that I am God…who loves you…who enables you…who empowers you to go and do and be who you really are.

Grace (Charis)


From The Heart of Abba Today:

Grace, Charis,
Says its ok to be who you are.

Grace touches your heart,
Invites you to come, simply come,
And KNOW that you are welcomed.

Grace says, “I love you”.
You do not have to “get it right”,
Or be perfect.

Grace is an invitation from My heart to come,
Just as you are and,
Simply be with Me.

Grace …..
For each moment,
In each moment,
Within each moment.

To define those moments,
Not as the world defines them but as I define them.

Grace to define who YOU are,
Not as any person defines you,
But as I do.

My grace is My LOVE.
It is within My love,
Emphasizes My love,
Defines My love,
Pours forth from My love,
And is the RIVER OF LIFE.




From the Heart of Abba Today:

When you are awake,
I AM is with you.

When you are asleep,
I AM is with you.

When you are happy or sad or glad,
I AM is with you.

When Iife is beautiful,
I AM is with you.

When life is sad,
I AM is with you.

When you love yourself,
I AM is with you.

When you despise yourself,
I AM is still with you

There is nowhere to run,
No escape,
From the LOVE of the Great I AM.

For He IS LOVE and,
No matter what.

In Exodus 3:13 God said, I AM who/that I AM, Ehyeh asher Ehyeh.
Present tense, I AM. Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent. GOD!

Note: Look carefully at the picture. KK is there. MiMi is with KK. He is not noticeable at first glance and I am not seen at all. But KK is there. I was very aware of exactly where KK was every moment, even though I was also taking pictures. KK was near water and I was making sure KK was not IN the water. Because he trusts me, he was free to roam and enjoy himself. I AM is always WITH us, always aware of us, attuned to our every need. We may “forget” He is there, but we can be sure that He is. No matter what. Wherever you are today, whatever your need, you can rest assured that God, who is still and forever, I AM is with you.

An Invitation to Come

psalm 62-8

From The Heart of Abba Today:


When I invite you to come to Me,
To step aside from the cares of the world,
And simply be with Me,
It is a literal invitation,
To come apart.

It does not always need to be a physical coming.
You have the ability to Come to Me,
From within other activities,
To bring your heart,
Even when you can not bring your body.

It is important to begin each day physically meeting with Me,
To set aside all the cares and distractions of life,
And come and literally “be still and know”.

I am with you during the most mundane circumstances of life also.
Whenever you feel your peace being shaken,
Pause, even if only inside your mind/heart,
Come to Me,
Invite Me into that circumstance.

You will find EVERY time,
Than I am right there.


God Is With Us

IMG_4852 copy i am is with us copy

From the Heart of Abba Today:

In the beginning,
God was I AM.
In the difficult circumstances of life,
God is I AM.
At the end of life,
God will still be I AM.

God is ALL we need,

When the future appears murky,
God is I AM.
When you can’t even envision a future,
God is still I AM.

God is:
With us,
Present to us,
For us,
Eternally omniscient,
Always omnipotent,
Vividly omnipresent,
Especially when we can’t see Him.