Grace (Charis)


From The Heart of Abba Today:

Grace, Charis,
Says its ok to be who you are.

Grace touches your heart,
Invites you to come, simply come,
And KNOW that you are welcomed.

Grace says, “I love you”.
You do not have to “get it right”,
Or be perfect.

Grace is an invitation from My heart to come,
Just as you are and,
Simply be with Me.

Grace …..
For each moment,
In each moment,
Within each moment.

To define those moments,
Not as the world defines them but as I define them.

Grace to define who YOU are,
Not as any person defines you,
But as I do.

My grace is My LOVE.
It is within My love,
Emphasizes My love,
Defines My love,
Pours forth from My love,
And is the RIVER OF LIFE.



One thought on “Grace (Charis)

  1. Thankyou! I got in a mess today and I think I might get in trouble on Monday when principal Linda finds out. But I cant think of any better place because the love annointing is so strong here. I am sure I will be fine… But think about me on Sunday evening because I’m headed for the principal’s office! I am pretty sure! This might be complicated. But I will simply submit.


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