Phili 4:19 God Is Enough

phili 4-19

From the Heart of Abba Today:

Draw near to Me,
And you will find “I AM” is there.
There really is no need to try to be strong.
No need to try to be anything.
Simply live life, being who you are.

When you are being who you are,
Then resting and leaning on Me,
Everything falls into place.
That IS the place of SHALOM.

Response by Dodi:

Whenever you are being fully “you”,
Trusting God to be Who He is,
The “ALL” that is “I AM”,
Will be enough,
For all that you need.

When we are being who we really are,
We can go through whatever comes our way,
Enfolded in His Shalom.
No need to hide, deny, or be strong.
When we are leaning on God,
The strength will come from Him to us.


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