The Blind Lady and the Sun


From The Heart of Abba Today:

One day the Lord sent His Spirit to whisper to a lady, “It is like the sun.”

The lady replied, I do not know what the sun is like for I am blind and I have never seen the sun.”

To which the Lord replied, “Yes, but you still “know” the sun.
You have felt it’s warmth.
You have eaten of the produce which the sun causes to grow and gives life to.
You have smelled the sun’s freshness as it dries up the land after a storm or lingers on your skin or clothes.
You can turn your face to the sun, even though you are blind.

For the power of the sun is much bigger than your inability too see with natural eyes”

He, life in Him, is like the blind lady and the sun.
Sometimes we really can’t see with our eyes.
We are blind in a sense.
Sometimes that is because our focus is on the circumstances instead of the Lord.
Other times for whatever reason, He is allowing us to be blind.
During those times we can STILL know the SON.
We can feel the LIGHT.
We are ALIVE, yes even when we may feel sort of dead or without hope for a time.
There is LIFE all around us, even when we need a nudge to see it and be grateful for it.


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