From the Heart of Abba Today:

Especially for those who may be feeling alone as Thanksgiving approaches.

When you feel alone,
I am there.
When you are alone,
I am there.

Beloved, you can feel, and in a very real sense be alone even when surrounded by people.
Know this, I came in order to fill that place of aloneness.

One of the effects of the fall was spiritual separation from “knowing” I AM is with you.

Even on that day, Adam and Eve were not truly alone, for nothing can separate you from My love. But at the same time, in a very real sense they were alone. Their hearts and spirit were separated from awareness of My love and from the power to access it. So they hid.
Because of My great love for them, I came to them. Later, I sent Jesus to reconnect that “power source”.

You may feel alone at times even now, but there is a POWERFUL connector between you and Me.
It is the PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit who literally indwells you.

Come to Me.
Especially when you are feeling lonely.
Enter awareness of My Presence in and with you by simply “being” with me.

Remember, you are NOT alone.
I am the LORD your GOD, who IS both “I AM” (ever present) and “Emmanuel” (God WITH you). Nothing can separate you from My love which is found in Christ Jesus.
You are MINE and I do indeed REJOICE over you with singing.
I am your refuge, yes even from loneliness.

You ARE loved.

Romans 8:31-39; Zep. 3:17. Matthew 1:23; Deu 31:6; Ex 3:14; Acts 1:8; Romans 8:11


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