Can We See? Where Is Our Focus?

matthew 4-19a

Do you see it? What is hidden?
Often we do not “see” because we do not look. Or we look and do not “see” because we are expecting something else. 🙂
this day the hidden object was playing peek-a-boo with me.
I thought it went well with this… WHERE is our FOCUS?
From the Heart of Abba Today
Wherever your focus is,
That is where you will follow.

Just as a toddler learning to walk,
Often simply “follows his nose”,
So also will My children follow,
Wherever their noses are focused.

If your heart, your mind, you intellect and your emotions,
Are focused on Me,
My Word,
My Truth,
My Presence,
Then the rest of your life will line up.

That is why I invite you to begin each day
Tuning into My Word
My Truth and
My Presence.

Just as I extended the invitation to
My first disciples,
“Come follow Me”,
So also do I invite you afresh each day,
Begin each day focused on Me and then follow along the rest of the day.

As you do this, when you do this,
As often as you do this,
Even at times refocusing during the day,
You will find PEACE for your soul.
At the end of those days,
Your heart will say, “It is good with my soul.”


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