When You Feel Overwhelmed


This is Kitty. (smile) Story/connection in comments.
From the Heart of Abba Today

When things are troubling you,
When circumstances of life are overwhelming,
You have an invitation to come to ME,
Just as you are in that moment,

And as you come,
In the precise moment of bringing yourself
And your “overwhelmed by this” emotion,
You will find release.

The actual circumstance may be no different,
But your heart will find a place of rest and affirmation
In My love.
Never will you receive condemnation for being overwhelmed.

I am your Sabbath Rest.
You heart, your mind, your will and your emotions,
Are tenderly held in My love.

My desire is to calm and stabilize you,
So that you can go forth,
Secure in My love for you,
To live and move and have your very being,
In safety.
The safety that comes from knowing Who loves you and
Who is always with you.
No matter what life brings,
Or how you feel in any given moment.

Remember, Beloved,
I AM is Immanuel.

Kitty, is a feral cat. I was the first person to tame him, but then he moved next door to live. I had not seen him in months, but I have a great fondness for him and missed him. At the same time, I was glad he was safe and happy.  Yesterday I was our in the hammock and here comes Kitty. Longing to be patted. Did I pat him? You bet over and over. Was I GLAD to see him? Absolutely it was a big bright spot in my afternoon. So as I wrote this morning, I remembered how glad I was to see Kitty yesterday and you know what? Our Abba is ALWAYS glad to see us. Even if we have been away for a time. He is always ready to welcome us and “pat” us. Smile… have a good day, Go visit Abba if you haven’t already. He welcomes you however you are.

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