From The Heart of Abba Today
Hope is evidenced,
In the ability,
To rest in serenity,
When surrounded, 
By turmoil.
Hope is an intangible,
State of heart,
Which produces,
A tangible outcome.
Hope is not something,
You can drum up,
On your own.
You can’t even pray,
Yourself into a state of hope.
Hope comes from God.
It is a gift,
As well as a heart condition,
In a heart,
That has found it’s,
Place of Rest,
Trust and,
In My love.
Hope arises,
As you trust in Me.
Trust that I am Who I say I am.
Trust that I do love you.
Trust that I will indeed never abandon you.
That sort of trust,
Takes both time and bonding.
In order to be full blown.
Beloved, if you feel you do not have enough hope,
Do not beat yourself up.
Love yourself and love Me.
Allow yourself to come to Me,
Admitting your longing.
(Yes, everyone longs for hope).
Receive whatever I have for you,
In that moment of coming.
Do not focus on the lack of, 
Nor the abundance of hope.
Instead focus on the ONE 
Who is your Hope.

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