Quieted In and By His LOVE


Quiet, Beloved. 
Quietness, Beloved.
Peace and Oasis.
Knowing that “I AM”,
Is with you,
In EVERY moment.
My desire is to quiet you
With and in My love.
When you become unsettled,
Draw apart and receive My love.
Invite and allow Me to quiet you,
With My love.
To come and be quieted, 
Does not require a literal,
Coming away.
I can do it in a moment,
While externally you continue,
To do what must be done.
There do need to be times,
Other times, daily and first thing,
Where you are choosing to  be intentional
About “be”ing with and allowing Me,
To quiet you with My Love.
As you do that, 
It will become natural,
To pause during any moment,
Of the day and simply receive My Love,
Afresh and be quieted in your innermost heart.
Be quiet, My Love, 
Be still, My Love,
You are safe,
All that is you is safe,
A never ending,
Quiet and gentle, 

romans 15-13

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