Stay With Me

stay here with me

When your heart is longing for (you know not what),
When life is simply too big for you to bear,
When all that is “you”, 
Cries out to All He is (El Shaddai)
“I can’t”,
He understands.
He has done the same.

When Jesus was in the Garden and asked them to stay with him,
His plea to His disciples was simply “stay here….with me”. We see that in Matthew 26:38. Some versions say tarry, or keep watch but he is asking for and needing human companionship. Sometimes life is just too much for us to go through alone. We need someone to “stay with me” or “keep watch with me” or “tarry with me”.
Of course God does that always but sometimes a person is nice too.

“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow
to the point of death.
‘Stay here…with me.'”
Jesus in Matthew 26:38

Sometimes when our hearts are overwhelmed it is hard to even remain in a place of connection to our own heart or the heart of God. It is hard to “stay with” another during those times too. But that is such a gift.


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