God Holds My Hand

kk&K isa 41-13.jpg

From The Heart of Abba Today:
You know, many of us, probably all of us, have various trials and struggles. Sometimes we feel afraid. Often there is no valid basis for the fear but, we are afraid because we have never walked “this path” before.
Yesterday I took Kallen and Kason to the beach. Kallen is only 1 1/2 and he has never walked in the white soft powdery sand before. He has been to the beach, but not with this kind of sand. I could not push his stroller through that sand either. He wanted to come, he wanted to be with us, but he was scared. 

I sent his big brother (age barely 4) to “help him” and hold his hand.
That was all it took.

I was looking for a picture for a different verse but when I saw this one I was reminded of Isaiah 41:13. PERFECT illustration. 

Beloved, in that place of fear know this: Your Abba is walking with you, holding your hand. (smile)

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