Just Trust God

just trust God

From The Heart of Abba Today:

There is no place you go,
That is devoid of My presence.

I will guide you.
I will lead you.
I will enable you.

Your task is to simply watch for Me,
To lean on Me,
To trust Me,
To trust that whatever you need, I have it,
To trust that My desire is to give you exactly what you need,
In any given moment.

Because I love you and I am your Abba.

Note: We all have hard things in our lives. Sometimes we have a season that is hard. But on the hard days AND the easy days, we have the LORD on our side. He is WITH us, loving us.



2 thoughts on “Just Trust God

  1. And thank God that our hardships are not in vain. When we choose to walk in Him, our roots only go deeper and therefore we, as the trees, stand taller, stronger and majestic over the other trees that unfortunately want to stay small. Grow, rise, stay on His vine, you can’t help but grow ever more with the Lord our sun and our beneficial rain. Amen!

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