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From The Heart of Abba Today:

I am holy and you are not. It is really that simple.

But I, because of My love FOR YOU,
Send My son, Jesus so that
in Him you would have the “rightness” you need in order to be able to live and move and have your being in Me.

My children have the right to come before me at any time, during any time and from within any time.
To be cleansed when you are dirty.
To be loved when you feel unloveable.
To be cherished and to find the rest your heart was created to be in.
Come to Me, Beloved,
Bring with you all that is you.
The good, the bad, even the ugly,
And simply REST for a time in My love, My care, My provision.
No need to fret, simply come.
As you come, each time your come,
You will find REST for your heart, your mind, your body and your soul.
You are mine,
Come before Me now.

I am using the navigators 30 Days of Praying the Names of God as a base for mini posters… kind of fun… and helps me focus… This one is interesting. It reminds us of the Holiness of God and that reminds us that none of us can achieve that level of “goodness”. Totally impossible. Which in turn points us to the need of Messiah Jesus, the ONE who sanctifies us.
In the Old Testament, they had all those rules and laws and methods to do that. None of which really worked.
Aren’t you grateful we have Jesus?


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