Step Away

From the Heart of Abba:
Come away with Me.
Step aside from the hustle and bustle of life.
Come apart and simply “be”,
With Me.

Allow My love to wash over you.
Practice being present to and with Me,
Irregardless of how you are feeling,
Or what is going on around you.

My arms are always open to receive you.
Will you enter my embrace of pure holy love?
Refreshing Love to restore your soul.

This is an older one that reappeared today. Perfect for the Advent Season or any Season of Change.


One thought on “Step Away

  1. Once I heard a kinda “secular” church. I had just learned that Jesus is my saviour so I knew nothing about anything really… They told that it was dooms day Sunday in the calendar and said; who dares to praise The Lord in this day? I went down om my knees and asked forgiveness for having sang His praise earlier that very day. I do know now that I had not sinned. I am allowed to praise Him every day!

    There won’t be times to cry in heaven. There id only time to rejoice. Every day is a fiest. I really do HOPE I get to work with animals in heaven. I want my flock of animals to shepherd over. Donkeys and dogs and horses and bunnies and maybe a few lions and a cat or a few… goats and sheep and Tigers and Wolfs… and of course I got fish in my pound. There is a brook that leads from my yard down to river of life. I don’t know how many yards it passes through before it reaches the river of life. But it probably has a well spring in it and the water is as clear as glass. If this impress you.. Do you know what my windows are made of? They are made of diamonds. Clear as glass in the middle so I can watch through. But they have angles that makes colors of rainbows fall all over the room! Its stunning beautiful. Though I live in this splendour I have a Window in the roof that point straight to the throne. And there is my bedroom so I can sleep facing the Centre of heaven. Its so beautiful. Brightest bedroom ever known to the world! Haha! Glad I am used to midnight sun hey?! Hehe.

    I just enjoy talking about home some days. Earth is a hard place but heaven is better.


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