Perception and Alignment

circle in trees.jpg

Do You See It???? Look up in the tree tops…..
a perfect circle..

Perception is how we understand things.
But our perception is not always correct.
Sometimes our alignment is messed up and we perceive falsely or we miss what is right there in front of us….a GIFT from GOD.

Yesterday I was walking on this dock and suddenly I saw this perfect circle in the tree line. It is so pretty.
I snapped a picture of it to ponder.

When I went back to look again, it was not there. Actually it SEEMED not to be there, until I walked a little further down.

In order for that beautiful circle to be seen, everything had to be in alignment. Perfect alignment.

Have you ever pondered “alignment”? We are told to align with God’s word. God’s Word is our cornerstone and foundation. Without a perfect cornerstone and a solid foundation, a building will not be stable.

In Psalm 23 we are told that the LORD is our Shepard, he LEADS us beside still waters, he GUIDES us to green pastures, he RESTORES our soul, etc. But if we do not choose to follow Him, then in a sense we are not aligned WITH him and will miss the still waters, the green pastures and the restoration.

There is so much about alignment. To ponder.