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There are moments….
Gifts in time…
When time slows…
You recognize that right now,
In this moment,
You are safe.

Hearts open.
Walls collapse.
Emotions may arise,
Or be calmed.

In that moment,
All else pales because
You are in Koinonia,
With God and with,
Those around you.

It is a Kairos time,
Time apart from time.
A time set apart and holy.

Sometimes there are words.
Often there are no words.

During this time.

Known or unknown to you,
God Himself is:
Ministering to you,
Loving you,
Touching you,
Restoring you.

The dictionary defines Kairos time as: a moment of indeterminate time in which an event of significance happens. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kairos)
Koinonia is fellowship, association, community, communion, joint participation….


5 thoughts on “Kairos

  1. You are blessed among His children!! I used to have a ceramic shop called Koinonia Kilnworks. I’ve know I am to create a koinonia in my life and for those around me, but I knew it needed to be more… last week Father God allowed me to find the word Kairos… and then, I find this page… I’ve been set up! Koinonia Kairos is now born. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for letting me know. I love the word koinonia also. In a sense your place, Koinonia Kairos is a place, in actual time, set apart from time for people to meet and fellowship heart to heart with the LORD as the center of it all. The Spirit invited to be present in a way. Or that is what I thought as I read this post.

      • Joan,
        Your response brings tears of deep, quiet joy knowing the secret of my heart was revealed to you. Yes, it is in time (linear), but protected in God’s time (eternal, Kingdom). I have a page on WordPress that has been slumbering for a time, and it’s time to awaken has arrived. It’s name is “nothingiswastedever.” This is from a song by Jason Gray which kept me viable and awake in a fiercely troubled time. How you describe Kairos on your page is elegant and replete. May I use it with your copywrite and URL link after my pages are alive and breathing life to those on “life support”? Thank you for your precious response. God bless you and may the tent pegs of your household be enlarged!! Appreciatively, Jacque

  2. I have enjoyed the way the Spirit has flowed during our interchange. What fun. Of course you may use anything on my blog. I believe the things I write belong to Abba and hence His children.
    Looking forward to reading some of your writings.

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