hidden sun.jpg

From the Heart of Abba

Where do YOU need a touch from God today?
In what area of your life do you need to know that God is with you?

“I AM” goes before you
In every moment of your life,
“I AM” is with you

There is nothing,
No moment,
No event,
No season of your life,
You will go through,
Or have gone through,
That is devoid of
The Presence of “I AM”.

Come to Me, Beloved,
Come just as you are
Bringing all that is “you”
Into awareness of and
Alignment with “I AM”.

Ask for the ability to trust,
What you you cannot see,
But know is true.

“I AM” is always with you,
Always loving you,
Always going before you.
Simply because you are,
My Own.

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