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From The Heart Of Abba Today:

All I ask of you…remember?,
Is to TRUST the One I sent.

Life is often messy,
It is not always neat and orderly.
Unexpected events, both good and difficult, occur.

When/if/as you choose to trust Me,
You will be able and enabled to make it through whatever happens.

You may not, in fact for major events, you will not be the same on the other side.
But you WILL be being transformed to My original design for you.

You are never alone.
Nothing is ever going to happen, or has ever happened which is outside of the awareness of El Roi.
I do see, know, and care.
I AM is always with you.
Therefore you, the core essence of who-you-are is always safe.

When you feel alone, fearful, unable to cope with life,
Simply STOP,
Drop in Prayer,
Listen and Remember,
And then either rest and wait, or go forth.