Reset to Rest


Just use the reset button.
When life is overwhelming
In any given moment:

Remember what you know
Escape into My presence
Stay as long as necessary
Exchange your perception for mine
Then go forward renewed by My love and in My strength.

You ARE my daughter (son).
I AM is always WITH you.
Therefore “I AM”, and that means all you need too,
Is always available.
During every moment of life.


Come to me ALL you who TRAVAIL or are heavy laden and I will GIVE you rest is not an idle invitation. It is an invitation to pause from within any given moment, any circumstance, any situation that life brings and simply “be” with Me. In so doing your entire being will enter the REST of God. That means that no matter what is going on, you will have peace.

One way to RESET is to begin and end each day in my Word and/or listening to my heart with your heart.

Then go forward renewed by My love  and in My strength.
Matthew 11:28

NIV: ”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Berean: Come to Me, all those toiling and being burdened, and I will give you rest.

God’s Word: “Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.


Thoughts From the Marsh

Thoughts From the Marsh

The Marsh is a beautiful place.
Home for many creatures.

It is a wild untamed place which brings JOY to our hearts.

The Marsh teems with life, abundant life.

Seasons come and go, the tide ebbs and flows.
It is an ever-changing landscape.

There are places within the Marsh that appear solid but are really miry muck.

People who live on or beside the Marsh need a way to navigate.
Sometimes they build docks or boardwalks or use boats or other machines.

Isn’t life like that?
Circumstances of our lives will ebb and flow.
Seasons will come and go.
There is one unchanging surety and that is the LOVE of GOD.
When we are “in Christ”, we have access to a secure and solid “path” of life.

Palm of His Hand

Palm of His Hand

Sometimes, in truth at some point during most days, I want to stand and scream or fall in a toddler melt down ball and scream, ” I can’t do this anymore. I am NOT good at this. It’s way too hard.”

Maybe I SHOULD actually do that, but with Abba. Maybe we all should. But only with God or a trusted friend and then we will have brought our inability and ineptness into the light.

No doubt at that point, God will say with total love and gentleness something like, “I know. Lean on Me, Rest in Me, My strength is sufficient as is My grace.”

Oh that’s right he has ALREADY said that to us.

Look closely at the picture… that little bit of coquina stone appears to be held in the palm of a hand. If that stone could talk, it would probably have said similar to what I feel at times during the days of this season of life. Coquina is a sedimentary rock that is composed either wholly or almost entirely of the transported, abraded, and mechanically sorted fragments of the shells of either molluscs, trilobites, brachiopods, or other invertebrates.

Wonder if the original organisms would like to choose to have become coquina? Wonder if the bit of coquina wanted to be tossed in the waves?
Of course that is silly in a way because they can’t talk and they have no choice.

We can talk and we do have a choice, but don’t we sometimes feel like coquina? But isn’t coquina the prettiest thing? I was so happy to find it.

Travel Light

rejoiceFrom the HEART of ABBA Today
Travel Light

This is a day to choose to travel light.
Light hearted.

There is NO NEED to carry any heavy burden in your heart.
Any hidden or old ones can be released to Me.
That is forgiveness.

Bitterness is the heaviest burden My children can carry.
It ruins days and nights and lives.
Bitterness robs your heart of joy and peace and hope.
As soon as you see even a tinge of it,
Pack it up, wrap it in forgiveness and send it to Me.

The other burdens that try to slip in during the day or night,
Disguised as worry, fear, or any other negative emotion,
Simply pass them over to Me.
In the exact moment of recognition,
Choose to literally hand them off.
Much like the children’s game of “Hot Potato”.

I am walking with you today,
And every day.
You NEVER walk alone.

As we walk,
Choose to converse (with Me)
Reverse any hidden thing,
Release immediately all new baggage,

This how you REJOICE in THIS DAY which I have GIVEN you.