Simmer…One Word Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Simmer


We simmer soup in a pot.
We simmer thoughts in our mind.
When a pot is simmering, it is not quite boiling,
Things are being bounced around a bit.
When our mind is simmering,
Thoughts are being bounced around a bit.
But they have not YET boiled up and spilled over.
Therefore we still have time to,
“Capture” the thoughts.
To take control of them,
So that they do NOT boil over
And burn others.
When you find yourself,
A simmering pot,
Step away,
Calm and still your mind,
(Turn down the heat).
Then your words will,
Be a fragrant offering,
As well as food for the heart,
Of another.
Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

Cited By Our Reciting

via Daily Prompt: Recite

Re-cite the Goodness of God.

Re-cite the Joys of Life.

Re-cite the things to be remembered.

Do NOT re-cite hurts and wounds instead choose to remember the positive about the person who hurt you…

When you recite positive, you build joy, but when you recite negative you build sorrow.

Remember to RECITE but be careful what you do recite. 🙂

Especially in these times of trial.recite.jpg

Adrift? Or Not?

via Daily Prompt: Adrift


When you are adrift,
Feeling lost and purposeless,
Begin to ask (of God),
What is Your purpose?
What do You have for me?
Remember that we do have an anchor.
And that anchor is faith in the One who created us,
Who has carried us all the days of our lives,
Who has promised never to leave nor forsake us.
Often we feel that we are simply drifting,
When the truth is,
We are in a season of rest,
A season of rebuilding and/or equipping us.
So that when the “drifting” time is over,
We are ready to hit the shore running. adrift.jpg