Step Away

From the Heart of Abba:
Come away with Me.
Step aside from the hustle and bustle of life.
Come apart and simply “be”,
With Me.

Allow My love to wash over you.
Practice being present to and with Me,
Irregardless of how you are feeling,
Or what is going on around you.

My arms are always open to receive you.
Will you enter my embrace of pure holy love?
Refreshing Love to restore your soul.

This is an older one that reappeared today. Perfect for the Advent Season or any Season of Change.


Facing the Unknown

From The Heart of Abba

I love this one, it is how we face the unfaceable things in our life.
You do it one tiny moment at a time.
You do it facing the unknown, 
With your entire being held together,
By the One who has known you all along.
You do it safely aware of knowing you are never alone.
You do it in the power of My love.

The verse is Isaiah 41:13 and the picture is from the Super Moon on that very cloudy night. Even the “dark” could not stifle the light.