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From The Heart Of Abba Today:

All I ask of you…remember?,
Is to TRUST the One I sent.

Life is often messy,
It is not always neat and orderly.
Unexpected events, both good and difficult, occur.

When/if/as you choose to trust Me,
You will be able and enabled to make it through whatever happens.

You may not, in fact for major events, you will not be the same on the other side.
But you WILL be being transformed to My original design for you.

You are never alone.
Nothing is ever going to happen, or has ever happened which is outside of the awareness of El Roi.
I do see, know, and care.
I AM is always with you.
Therefore you, the core essence of who-you-are is always safe.

When you feel alone, fearful, unable to cope with life,
Simply STOP,
Drop in Prayer,
Listen and Remember,
And then either rest and wait, or go forth.

Cited By Our Reciting

via Daily Prompt: Recite

Re-cite the Goodness of God.

Re-cite the Joys of Life.

Re-cite the things to be remembered.

Do NOT re-cite hurts and wounds instead choose to remember the positive about the person who hurt you…

When you recite positive, you build joy, but when you recite negative you build sorrow.

Remember to RECITE but be careful what you do recite. 🙂

Especially in these times of trial.recite.jpg

Changing the “W” in we to “M” in Me

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I became a widow about 10 months ago after a time of caregiving. It has been a process of changing from being a “we” to being a “me.

Sometimes I have felt very alone but the one constant has been God. He has led me step by step into a new season of life. This is for anyone who has lost a spouse, a parent, a child, a sibling. In that relationship, the “we” is gone but we cling to the ONE “we” that will never end. God is our forever present Emmanuel.

Since this is a different post, I want to say thank you to my brothers and their wives who have helped me in ways they don’t know and also some dear friends who have walked with me. And my sons, their wives and grandsons.

God is GOOD and I have decided to look forward to whatever good gifts He will send my way during this season of my life.



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From The Heart of Abba Today:

This is a new day,
A brand new day,
A fresh day.

It is good to begin a new day,
In My presence,
In My Word.

“I AM” is the comfort your soul/heart longs for.
“I AM” is all you need.
“I AM” is always with you,
Loving you,
Leading you.

There is NO circumstance of your life,
Outside My will for you.

Come to Me.
Rejoice in My presence with you.

My Presence is Shalom,
All encompassing,
Peace filled