Be a JOY Seeker

Be a JOY Seeker

From the Heart of Abba Today:

Be a JOY Seeker.

You can be alert and intentional,
About noticing the JOY moments.

In order to hear the birds chirping,
You need to be tuned in.

Tune into the JOY channel.
Watch for it!
Notice it!

JOY is there within the moments of each day,
Ask for awareness of it.

Remember JOY moments can be gentle and quiet
Joy can also be exuberant and loud

Feed your soul by noticing in a conscious way,
The JOY moments that I send your way.
This is a photo of one of my precious grandsons, Reece. We were at the zoo and they went into a maze. Suddenly they were out.
Joy can be like that.
We can be stuck in a maze of “stuff going on” one moment, then suddenly (if we are tuned in and our eyes and hearts are open) a JOY moment appears.

2 thoughts on “Be a JOY Seeker

  1. Good one . There are always blessings in our path each day but sometimes we over look them when other “stuff”
    tries to block the view.

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